Milwaukee’s Weekly Beer Appreciation Club


Milwaukee Beer Society is Milwaukee’s weekly beer appreciation club. We meet every Wednesday from 6 PM – 9PM for tastings that explore a wide variety of beers. Whether it’s new beers to market, seasonal offerings, specific styles or homebrews, we do it. Come any week to learn and share beer at its finest and learn what makes beer, beer.

Each meeting we taste on average 12 small samples one after the other, as a group. We sample each beer with casual discussion with the people around your table and vote on your favorites at the end of the night.

Milwaukee Beer Society is a paid-membership social group ($10 for membership). We invite anyone and everyone (21+ years old) to visit us one time as a non-member to see if we’re a good fit. All fees from membership and tastings go back into the group, which means you get back what you pay for in awesome experiences.

Our “home-base” is The Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. It’s a beautiful, historic venue surrounded by so much beer history and enthusiasm that it’s a perfect fit for this new revival of beer.

There is a broad range of knowledge across our members from beginner beer drinkers to industry veterans to home brewers and professionals. We hope you’ll join us in helping to expand and enhance Milwaukee’s craft beer community!

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Oktoberfest Beers

Celebrating the world’s largest beer festival with Oktoberfest-style beers from both Germany and the US.

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Art on Tap | Early Wisconsin Brewery Art and Advertising

In 1892, Milwaukee was home to two of the three largest brewers in the country—Pabst and Schlitz. During this time, brewers took advantage of the revolution in modern advertising to convince a thirsty public that their brews were the best. This resulted in some of the most iconic images of early American pop culture, elaborate signage, and unforgettable slogans: Schlitz’s “The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous” or the Girl in the Moon image from 1907 that has endured as the quintessential face of Miller.

Visit this exciting exhibit complete with beer tastings at the Museum of Wisconsin Art through September 25, 2016 to experience and admire early Wisconsin brewery art and advertising.

This group is dedicated to the memory of Greg Landig.