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It’s about time to warm up with some stouts! Join Milwaukee Beer Society on Wednesday, March 20th for a tasting of all things stouts. Expect a variety of sub-styles such as milk stouts, oatmeal stouts, chocolate stouts, imperial stouts, barrel aged stouts, fruited stouts, coffee stouts, English stouts, American stouts, oyster stouts, or anything from the stout family.

Members: $12
Guests: $17


  • Two StallAhnapee Brewery(Algoma, WI)

    Milk StoutABV: 5.5%, IBU: 18

  • Best Extra StoutCoopers(Regency Park, SA)

    Foreign Export StoutABV: 6.3%, IBU: 41

  • Oatmeal StoutSamuel Smith(Tadcaster, North Yorkshire)

    Oatmeal StoutABV: 5.0%, IBU: 32

  • Fight Milk StoutOdd Side Ales(Grand Haven, MI)

    Imperial Milk StoutABV: 8.0%, IBU: 61

  • Cherry StoutBell’s Brewery(Comstock, MI)

    American StoutABV: 7.0%

  • Caffè AmericanoCigar City Brewing(Tampa, FL)

    Imperial Coffee StoutABV: 12.0%, IBU: 80

  • Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS)Founders Brewing Co.(Grand Rapids, MI)

    Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutABV: 12.3%, IBU: 70

  • Mystery Beer?(?)

    Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout